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Why have a professional headshot photograph?

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it only takes about 40ms for someone to form an opinion of you, once they see your headshot photograph for the first time!

Ask yourself the following question:

What would you like that opinion to be?

Scrolling through your LinkedIn feed can reveal hundreds of different styles of profile photographs, each taken in different ways by different levels of photographic skill.

While most of the photographs you see will do, a professional photograph will help you to stand out and raise your profile above that of your competition!

Will your profile photo do?

Headshot Photography Session

Having your headshot photograph taken doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We start all our sessions with a brew and a little chat so that we can get to know a bit about you and what it is that you do. We attempt to use this information in your portrait session in order to convey your personality in the images we take.

Business Portraits

Business portraits are becoming more and more important in the business community, particularly on LinkedIn where your profile photo is your calling card! Many people who use companies do their research online and if they come across your photograph, they can connect with you much quicker when they meet you in real life!

Actor Headshots

If you are an actor, a professional headshot photograph is essential to make you stand out. Your headshot is a key marketing tool aimed at casting directors to enable them to make a clear choice. Steer clear of trying to do this yourself using mobile phones, invest in your actors heashot!

Meet The Team Photographs

If you are part of a larger organisation and you need headshot photographs of your team, it’s not always possible for them all to come to our portrait studio in Warrington. In this case, we have a mobile portrait studio where we can come to your place of work. All we need is a small room for our mobile photography studio set up. We show each individual their headshot photographs as they are taken to allow them to choose their favourite.

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